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The concept of an officer and a Southern gentleman will be the standard, not the exception.  Honesty, integrity, courtesy, and respect for all men and women regardless of race, position, or economic standing will be taught and required.  SMI cadets will be taught the strong points and the weak points of Southern history. At SMI these values will to be shared by all cadets without exception.


With a belief in the proven validity of single sex education, SMI is an all-male institution.  It takes its place with only three all-male colleges remaining in the United States, and it will be the only remaining all-male four-year military college. 

Our strengths set us apart from any other military college today.

Southern Military Institute (SMI) is an exciting and truly unique approach to the training of young men for service to God, their state, and their nation. 

The teaching of Christian principles, values, and beliefs in a non-denominational setting is the corner stone of Southern Military Institute. 

SMI offers a traditional Southern military education, training young men to be leaders and citizen soldiers using the proven and established "whole man" concept.

Christian based, all male, military college that seeks to honor and support the best of Southern traditions.

Southern traditions that have been lost and tarnished live on through SMI