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Southern traditions that have been lost and tarnished live on through SMI

Our strengths set us apart from any other military college today.



Bible studies and Christian moral leadership training will be part of the regular curriculum. Cadets will be required to attend Chapel services and daily prayer services will be conducted by the post chaplain. The Corps will be required to attend Christian services on Sunday either at the post chapel or at a church of their choice. Cadets of non-Christian faith will be permitted to exercise their faith, but will be required to take the Christian course work and leadership training that is part of the regular curriculum. Cadets of non-Christian faith will also be required to attend prayer services and special devotional services held for the Corps of Cadets as a whole.​

Its philosophy is that a high-quality education for many young men is best achieved in an all-male small college environment with a limited number of students (no greater than 1200) with a restricted number of degree offerings. Furthermore, SMI believes that  young men who aspire to be community or military leaders should have a firm foundation in Judeo-Christian values, especially as embraced by the Christian faith.

Please take a look at the programs we offer below:


SMI will conduct training equivalent to traditional ROTC programs. It will also offer courses and materials comparable to those of  the Staff Officer Courses of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Routine drill, inspections, parades, and combat training maneuvers will be schedule as part of the military training.

SMI will not have commissioning authority for officers in the United States Armed Forces or in the National Guards of the respective States or U.S. territories. Those cadets that wish to receive commissions will be directed to State Officer Candidate School (OCS) programs of the National Guards of states that are within driving distance of SMI.

Military ceremonies will routinely be conducted. Special ceremonies will be conducted commemorating the Southern Confederacy and Confederate Memorial Day. New Market Day commemorating the Charge of the VMI Cadets at the Battle of New Market, Virginia (May 15,1864), and similar events formerly commemorated by the Citadel will also be honoured.​


SMI will not offer intercollegiate sports programs. However, intramural sports will be offered and platoon, company, and battalion level competitive sports teams will be formed. Regimental championship competitions will be scheduled for each major seasonal sport. All cadets will be required to participate in the intramural sports program, when not conducting military training. Teams will be coached by First Classmen "Player-Coaches" under the direction and guidance of the Physical Education instructors. Basic golfing skills will also be taught as part of the Physical Education curriculum.

Basic horseback riding lessons will be required for all cadets in the tradition of the Southern gentleman-officer. A cadet company will also be designated as a mounted cavalry troop (I Troop) and will conduct regular mounted training and exercises, and participate in parades and ceremonies.

Flight instruction will also be offered. This instruction will be conducted through the Cadet Soaring Club. SMI will purchase and maintain a sufficient number of  sailplanes to support the club and cadet flight instruction. The club will seek recognition and membership in the Soaring Society of America (SSA).​

SMI is to be a four-year private small college emphasizing engineering, science, military leadership, and Christian faith and morality.


The primary curricula will include the following:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering and Naval Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Orbital Mechanics and Ballistics
  • Computer Science
  • Military Science
  • Agricultural Science
  • Military History (Classical and Modern)
  • Confederate and Civil War History
  • Constitutional Studies (U.S., State, and C.S.A) (Must include a study of the Federalist Papers)
  • U.S. and State Government and Policy
  • English and Literature
  • Foreign Languages (French, German, Russian, Japanese, others?)
  • Bible Studies and Christian Moral Leadership (Must include character studies of Washington, Lee, Jackson, etc.)
With a belief in the proven validity of single sex education, SMI is an all-male institution.  It takes its place with only two all-male colleges remaining in the United States, and it will be the only remaining all-male four-year military college. 
The concept of an officer and a Southern gentleman will be the standard, not the exception.  Honesty, integrity, courtesy, and respect for all men and women regardless of race, position, or economic standing will be taught and required.  SMI cadets will be taught the strong points and the weak points of Southern history. At SMI these values will to be shared by all cadets without exception.

Academic Programs